Our Story

Welcome to the heart of Bølgen, where the Northern charm meets Southern warmth against a backdrop of raw, awe-inspiring surroundings and architecturally stunning landscapes.

Our story begins with a simple idea: to create a pop-up day event like no other, where music lovers from all walks of life can come together and experience the magic of electronic music in its myriad subgenres. This is Bølgen – a celebration of the summer, a celebration of music, and a celebration of life.

At Bølgen, our mission is clear: to spread love and sublime music to every corner of our vibrant community. We invite you to join us in supporting our incredible lineup of DJs, each a master of their craft, as they transport you to new musical heights. And when it's time to take a break, our bar is ready to quench your thirst with ice-cold refreshments at prices that will keep you smiling.

As we ride "The Wave" together, we ask that you show consideration for your fellow festival-goers, the breathtaking natural surroundings, and the environment. Help us keep this place beautiful by using the provided bins and ashtrays, and please make use of our well-maintained toilets and set-up urinals.

Bølgen's mission is to send out waves of positive energy and incredible sound to every soul in attendance. Let's come together, connect, and make this experience one to remember.

Join us in creating unforgettable memories at Bølgen's most cherished event.

Who makes it happen?

Daniel San

Co-founder and DJ

If you mention the name Daniel San among people in Denmark's electronic music scene it is not the fresh kid with a shy smile and old Japanese friend in sunny California people will think of. Nope, they will think of DJ Daniel San who has been an active part of the stage since 1994.

Starting out as a part of the DJ collective Deutsche Club Daniel had a beginning in a very competitive environment where he quickly gained respect as a profound DJ showing off his skills at various underground parties of all sizes...sometimes on three Technics SL1210...vinyl of course!

DJ Daniel San is a walking lexicon when it comes to Techno and the love of music has always stayed a big part of his DNA. Over the years he has created many successful clubs and parties hosting international DJs like Agoria and Mathias Tansmann.

Today he is still going strong playing at the best venues in Copenhagen and busy being a part of the well-known clubbing events Bølgen and Luna Tech. Daniel San knows how to set a dancefloor and he is far from stuck in a time bubble! He is always on the lookout for new sounds and is a big fan of well-mannered energy, great sound design, and seductive bases. He takes every job seriously and puts a lot of thought into his DJ sets to the satisfaction of his audience.

Karsten Loud

Co-founder and DJ

Karsten Loud started his DJ career at the age of 16 and since then it has turned into countless gigs at the country's biggest clubs, festivals, companies, fashion shows, exhibitions and exclusive private parties.

Karsten also plays a significant role in connection with cultural events in Copenhagen.

In recent times, the summer projects "Kaj - Your friend in the sun" and "Bølgen" should be highlighted. The concept for both projects is to gather people in selected beautiful surroundings under the open sky and with electronic music as the focal point.

In addition, he is also part of the DJ collective Love Hangover, which is a disco party crew with a repertoire from the mid-70s to the end of the 80s. Since 2014, Love Hangover has filled wonderful dance floors at the finest clubs and venues around Copenhagen.

As a daily music expert at Streetdance Records and co-founder of the record store Loud, Karsten has built up an enormous knowledge of music and its many branches and subgenres. This means that the music repertoire also ranges far and wide. With his central role, Karsten also helped to service many of the DJs who are still relevant today and who have come into the public light.